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Je suis tellement pleine d'esprit, parce que je utiliser Google Translate pour écrire cette critique en français. mr très bonne Stamper.

In addition, your animation was superb, the recording was flawed but thats what made it funny, and Mike's programming? was awesome.

The Entertainment of Movin' Google Images

I'll start by saying that this obviously entertained a lot of people, and that kind of focus is what most submitters should have on Newgrounds. I believe your claim about the tremendous amount of effort that went into your work; You did a very fine job putting all of this together, everything runs seamlessly.

However, nothing here was original. The sprites were taken off the world wide web, the audio was ripped from a commercial and most of the backgrounds were edited slightly from Halo screencaps.

Any average Joe who is reading this review could have achieved your vision with the right amount of time, I know that sounds harsh, but I cannot help but score you at a low level due to this fact. The quality severely deviates because of the lack of work YOU made with your bare hands (which does not include pasting and tweening).

The reason for the high score (4.45 at time of review) is shocking but understandable. Newgrounds has never been a negative critique of unoriginal sprite films. Those kind of animations are welcomed here, regardless of their status simply being stolen magic animated jigsaw puzzles. You merged the three things the Newgrounds community salivate over: Sprites, Halo and catchy commercial tunes. And tweening Google Images across the computer screen doesn't matter in a world like that.

Wishin' you well, and welcoming the useless review ratings :P
~ Alka

Greenfrost6 responds:

I see where you're coming from here.

Yes, Newgrounds is a site for original work, however, I seem to have very little talent in drawing, however I do know a lot about animating in general. I gave the original creator credit, and I wanted to produce something based off the original video that wasn't a machinima.

I just wanted to submit something to make this website a little more well known, thus the ad for NG, nothing wrong with that, no? ;)


"I ask the Deputy Prime Minister, are you a snake wearing a woman suit!"

The animation was superb, as was the humor.

Your amazing animation skills and comedic ability are clearly showcased by the reception you have been given by a mostly American website that is unfamiliar with the satire and can't really relate to it. But they don't need to because there are snakes eating world leader hamster things - which is always funny. Jolly good show!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks a lot!

i think the challenge of political satire is to say something but keep it fun for people who don't care about the subject matter.

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I shit you not, in the ~10 years I have known of Newgrounds, this is the most fun I have ever had. Thanks for the experience guys.

All work and no play makes JarrodK a dull boy

That's all this game is, work. At least Contra and SMB2 had better visuals, fairer gameplay and didn't need in-game advertisements to prove their "success." This game is evil and you simply exploited the medal system boost your viewing audience.

Take some inspiration from your co-author for god's sake, the artwork is appalling, even when taking into consideration your 8-bit approach.

The controls and such are very responsive, the game is very well coded and your skills could have created an entertaining masterpiece.

Sure it may be satisfying for people to complete this mess, but that would be infact the only bit of fun-time in the whole 10 minutes they played with. It was a very silly idea to make such a challenging game. The game is similar to my job, I hate doing it but it pays off at the very end. Although this job is fucking tough.

That is all.

Simple, Unique and Inventive

It's rare that I find an interactive flash similar to yours on this website. The animations of each click event are really nice and I also like it how Anthony isn't a stationary graphic when I haven't pressed him. I dunno, I guess it just gives the character a more life like approach?

A little bit more effort with sound would make this experience a whole lot funner. Just get a couple of vomiting sounds or spinning sounds of the internet.

Yeah that's really all I can say.

Fim responds:

It was made for college so I only got 5 hours to work on it, and they dont have speakers on the college pcs so I didnt put any sound in ;) thanks for the feedback though, always appreciated.

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Love it.

Keep em coming my man :)

Amazing listening experience.

Not much more can be said, I enjoyed it and I can't critique it. SUPERB.


I disagree Rucklo. It makes sense even when I am sober, because I enjoy it. I love it!

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I love the way you have expressed this serious/comic scene in the nice and rough shading, as well as the attention to detail. It's lovelah art like this that makes me want to have a favourite option :(


The Behemoth could not have picked a better artist to create these characters for the CC select screen.

Another outstanding piece of work from Johnny Utah. Nicely done.

JohnnyUtah responds:


They probably could have, but hey I thank them for the opportunity. If I had the chance I'd do em totally differently now.

Nice Ryu Drawing

I love the detail of the sky and his red headband.

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